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Seattle’s collection of historic and contemporary neon signs shines brightly among the country. A recent growing appreciation for the medium and preservation efforts has highlighted the importance of the city’s collection.  

During the early 20th century, neon lit up across the country, from billboard signs, to hotels, and casinos. Yet, even in the ‘70s and ‘80s, many Pacific Northwest companies replaced their neon signs following campaigns to ban them. Now there’s a revival of interest for the science-driven art along with increasing preservation efforts.

Though recent technical advancements have contributed to a decrease in neon, there are still many handcrafted pieces around. Local author Matt Hucke’s book “Seattle Neon,” features several of these signs from every neighborhood of Seattle. One of the most famous signs includes Pike Place Public Market

Aside from the Pike Place Public Market sign, the Almond Roca sign stands out as another unique city installation with rich history. Check out some of our top neon sign picks to visit below.