NEON SIGNS - ELECTronic message boards - CUSTOM SIGNAGE


Whatever your business need – neon signs, electric signs, or custom signage from Los Angeles to Portland to Denver, or to Seattle – National Sign Corporation has over 100 years of producing the best. Welcome to National Sign Corporation. Everyone has heard the motel advertising – “We’ll leave the light on!” At National Sign we say – we’ll turn the light on! Turn the light on to your sign, your business! We bring your business to light.

Our world is visual – let us help make your world visual too! 

We want to help you get the attention that your business deserves. Our designers and engineers bring their skills to the concept and product development process to help create signs and lighting that Fortune 500 companies cannot match! We are creative, this creativity combined with our experience allows us to envision your sign often before we put the pen to paper or turn on the computer.

We invite you to take advantage of the experience and knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation since 1915. We are experts in visual media – colors, materials, engineering, lighting, scale, location – we're your number one sign company!



Our in-house manufacturing plant allows us the flexibility to create any style, shape,  or size. Here are National Sign, our team designs, engineers, and manufactures all types of signage. From interior to exterior, we do it all and we do it in-house. 

We are proud to call our creations a product made in the USA!


We have extensive experience designing signage for businesses, large and small. Our designers are award winning and dedicated to bringing your business to life through your signage. To translate your graphics into a signage that can relay your message to the world is what our designers carefully work to engineer. 


Your time is needed to successfully run your business. We understand that catering to your clients and customers is valuable to you as it is to us, that is why we take care of all the permitting for you! Evolving codes and policies are a pain to deal with so we dedicate our time to helping your business succeed and effortless for you.