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Discover the experiences of our clients who have trusted National Sign for over a century.

At National Sign Corporation, we take pride in delivering top-notch service and unparalleled craftsmanship when it comes to our design, installation, and manufacturing services. Choose National Sign Corporation and join the ranks of our valued customers who have enhanced their business identity under our expert guidance.

Esteemed Customer Reviews from Google.

I have done business with National Sign for over 30 years as a Safeway store manager in Seattle, a store manager for a grocery independent in Spokane and now in Oregon. NSC does what they say they will do. They are on time, professional, and thorough. NSC communicated with me throughout the project. All their signs have looked great. I highly recommend.

Dave DunawayGoogle Review

I began doing business with National Sign back in 1989 with a relatively minor project. Their diligence and attention to detail ensured the project's success. 29 years later the two signs are still looking great and seeing them reminds me why I have chosen National to be my sole branding partner.

Larry NewmanGoogle Review

As an architect, I rely on professionals like National Sign for my projects. They are very knowledgeable, they help advise me on the very complicated codes for signage, and they are capable of integrating so many different materials: wood, metal, glass, etc... Their shop is like a workman's fantasy camp!

Josh BrinckoGoogle Review

We've worked with National on several large-scale signage projects and they're excellent. The team is creative, responsive, and the final product is beautiful. I highly recommend them.

Newton BreiterGoogle Review

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