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Sign Types

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are freestanding signs that are supported with one or two poles. They are directly connected into the ground. The most common examples of Pylon signs are used for multi-tenant environments.

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Monument Signs

Monument Signs are ground and eye-height level. These signs are primarily placed near the building or the building entrance. Monument sign placement can grow interaction rate by placing it in areas with higher foot traffic and slower automobile traffic.

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Blade Signs

Blade signs are mounted on the face of the building/pole. They help customers easily locate the business due to the height of the sign. As well as, customers can read the sign from either side of the sidewalk.

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Under Canopy Signs

Under canopy signs are installed under a canopy or awing of a building. You can usually find these signs at strip malls, outdoor shopping centers, cafes, pubs, and restaurants.

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Wall Signs

Wall signs are affixed to any exterior wall of the building. These signs offer a variety of options, as they can be illuminated, non-illuminated, dimensional, or flat.

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Neon Signs

Neon signs are electric signs lighted by gas-discharge tubes that contain rarefied neon or other gases. We custom fabricate a range of options that support LED illumination, digital graphics, and neon. We also offer a wide variety of flat cut and non-illuminated options.

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LED Letter Signs

LED Letter signs are three-dimensional letters that contain LED modules. They are directly attached to a wall, and can be either indoor or outdoor.

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LED Halo Letter Signs

LED Halo Letter signs have aluminum faces and sides that are mounted on standoffs away from the wall. This projects LEDs to the surface of the wall giving it a halo effect.

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Open Channel Neon Letter Signs

Open channel letters signs have clear or translucent faces, permitting the exposed neon tube to be visible.

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Custom/Artwork Signs

Let National Sign Corporation help you with all your custom needs. Not finding what your looking for? Here at National Sign we will build your envisioned custom sign with our highest quality materials.

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RGB Lighting Signs

RGB lighting signs work with RGB color mixing. A technique that blends red, green, and blue light at different intensities to make a spectrum of colors and lighting effects. This is beneficial for businesses trying to align their brand with a specific color scheme.

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Border Neon Lighting Signs

Border neon lighting signs attach neon border tubing lights around the specified areas of the sign.

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LED Border Lighting Signs

LED border lighting signs attach LED border tubing lights around the specified areas of the sign.

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Interior Signs

Interior signs are signs in the inside of your business. These can act as logo signs, wayfinding signs, identification signs, etc. This sign allows employees and customers to interact with your brand throughout the building.

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Electronic Message Signs

Electronic messaging signs are signs that can be electronically changed, either by remote or automatic means. They can display words, symbols, figure, or images.

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