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For 80 years, the Almond Roca neon sign has hung from the historic Brown & Haley candy factory in Tacoma. This iconic traditional neon sign has not only been a symbol of the company’s candy-making heritage but also a city landmark. In an effort to preserve its legacy, National Sign Corporation undertook the task of remaking this beloved neon sign.  

The story of the Almond Roca sign dates back to its original creation by National Sign Corporation in the 1940s. However, it was time to bid farewell to the original sign and create a meticulously crafted replica sign. The sign restoration project involved several key steps. National Sign Corporation replaced the sign’s steel frame with lightweight aluminum, reducing its weight from a hefty 1500 pounds. This not only made installation more manageable but also ensures the sign’s longevity. The classic Almond Roca pink color, iconic clock, and traditional neon tubes were recreated, maintaining the sign’s timeless charm. 

National Sign Corporation’s commitment to preserving history is seen in this project. The original Almond Roca sign, with all its character and history, will find a new home in a museum, allowing future generations to appreciate its significance. The new Almond Roca sign is just a fresh version of what was there before. This dedication to authenticity is a testament to National Sign Corporation’s craftsmanship and their commitment to paying homage to the city’s history. 

The unveiling of the Almond Roca sign is set for October 10th, Brown & Haley’s 100th anniversary celebration. The sign will once again light up the vintage building. National Sign Corporation was happy to help Almond Roca restore the iconic sign that marks the factory that produces over 3 million candies a day. The Almond Roca sign is one of tradition, innovation, and preservation. It is a reminder of the rich history of Brown & Haley. National Sign Corporation’s restoration project ensures that this Tacoma icon will continue to shine brightly for years to come.

The Almond Roca sign is a piece of history and a testament to the art of neon tube bending and neon signs. Tacoma can look forward to another century of this iconic neon sign gracing its skyline, thanks to the dedication of National Sign Corporation! 

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