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Dick’s Drive In 19-cent burgers!

This week marks a momentous occasion for Seattle’s beloved Dick’s Drive In as they commemorate their 70th anniversary! Make sure to stop by Dick’s Drive In this week to grab a 19-cent burger and enjoy the incredible signage work of National Sign Corporation. This celebration is about the rich history of Dick’s Drive In which includes the iconic signage that has stood in Wallingford since 1954, thanks to the craftsmanship of Neon Acme, now known as National Sign Corporation.

In the early days of Dick’s Drive In, Neon Acme played a pivotal role, designing, manufacturing, and installing the distinctive sign at their inaugural location on 45th Ave in Wallingford. This signage history has weathered 70 years, proudly standing as a symbol of quality and enduring charm. The Wallingford sign, a masterpiece created by National Sign Corporation, continues to captivate with its timeless design. Reflecting on its 70-year journey, one can see the enduring craftsmanship that makes the sign as breathtaking today as it was in 1954.

Join the festivities by heading to Dick’s Drive In this week to enjoy their legendary 19 cent burgers – a special treat in honor of this milestone. It’s not just a great deal; it’s an opportunity to reflect on the history of Dick’s Drive In and witness National Sign Corporation’s incredible work.

Check out the Seattle Times article:

Seattle’s Dick’s Drive In and National Sign Corporation stand as beacons of timeless charm and craftsmanship. Here’s to 70 years of delicious memories, and may the iconic sign continue to light up the Seattle skyline for generations to come!

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