Leads Rewards System

National Sign is excited to announce a new employee leads reward system available for all operations and office employees. The system is divided into three tiers, determining the reward for each lead that is brought in.


Tier 1 - add on work

Any add on work that is increased revenue for National Sign at a job, the employee will be given a $25 bonus card at one of our partner vendors.


Tier 2 - Self Generated Lead

The system will be for any employee that provides a self-generated lead that turns into a National Sign sale. For each lead that turns into business, the employee will receive a $50 cash reward.


Tier 3 - Any lead valued at $5,000+

Any lead that is over $5,000 in sales, the employee will be given a 1% cash reward on the sale amount.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact the marketing department. 

For more detail on your specific reward, please talk to management.