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As a Production Designer, you will be responsible for creating internal drawings for our production team so that they can create our unique and eye catching signs. You will work closely with both our conceptual designers and production team. You will also prepare our designs for permit review and draw up our survey results. Make copies of drawings and maintain information regarding changes to database. Solid understanding of drafting technique. Mechanical aptitude with ability to complete basic mathematical calculations. You will gain unique and valuable experience working for a quickly growing company.



  • Create and revise detailed production drawings (detail and assembly drawings).

  • Create permit drawings.

  • Make final sketches of proposed drawings, checking dimensions of parts, materials to be used, site plans, detail drawings and call outs.

  • Draw finished designs, communicates with sales, operations, and management through design process.

  • Responsible for setting up and maintaining an organized file system for production drawings.



  • Proficient in Adobe Illustrator and Corel.

  • Working knowledge of the commercial exterior/interior architecture and/or design industry.

  • Excellent verbal, graphic and written communication skills.

  • Comprehensive project and relationship management skills.

  • Unwavering attention to detail with an acute awareness that everything counts.

  • Ability to work efficiently and demonstrate a strong bias for action in a fast-paced, sometimes ambiguous environment.

  • Mathematical Skill: ability to work with mathematical concepts such as probability and statistical inference, and fundamentals of geometry and trigonometry. Ability to apply concepts such as fractions, percentages, ratios, and proportions to practical situations.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Graphic, Industrial Design, Interior Design, or equivalent experience.

  • 3+ years’ experience with 3D/2D graphics, signage, interactive design, industrial design or 3D design/visualization.



Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance

Production Designer

Sign Installer

Rate of Pay: $30-35/hr

Job Description 

A sign installer's job involves interpreting blueprint specifications and following the directives given by the supervisors. He/She needs to know the exact place where the sign needs to be put up as well as the details regarding the sizes and amounts of materials required for installation. He/She needs to be technically sound while setting up frameworks: Connecting beams, columns and girders while successfully fastening structural components of steel to hoist components with the proper use of cables, ropes or chains.

Scope of Knowledge 

A sign installer should have adequate knowledge of construction and building processes including proper know-how relating to tools, materials and methods for the erection and repair of buildings. He should possess mechanical knowledge about the uses, designs, repair and effective maintenance of machines involved in the installation process, such as power and hand tools, light and heavy equipment, ladders and trailers. He should have fabrication knowledge and experience welding metals.


  • A sign installer should have planning and organizing skills and good hand-eye coordination. He should be able to deal with up to about 100 lbs. of weight. He/She needs to maintain his composure as the job involves a lot of stress and pressure. Installer should be capable of working outdoors and generally at great heights. A sign installer needs to have a driver's license as well as journeyman electrician’s license.

  • A sign installer needs to be fit and physically active as his job involves moving about, climbing, walking, balancing, lifting and other physical activities. Manual dexterity is the key to success. Installer should possess good communication skills and should be able to develop a healthy professional relationship with co-workers. Need previous experience in this field.

  • Ability to install signs of all types - indoor and outdoor.

  • Visit customers on-site for consulting and installation as needed.

  • Must be professional with clients and present the company in a courteous and professional manner.

  • MUST maintain a high level of product quality and craftsmanship on schedule.


Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance

Sign Service Technician

Rate of Pay: $23-27/hr

Job Description 

Technicians should have an in-depth knowledge of electrical work, be mechanically inclined and possess experience servicing electrical signs and exterior lighting.


Minimum 3-5 years experience servicing illuminated exterior signs - channel letters, neon, LED, pole, and monument signs, et al.


Service and maintenance of signs and commercial lighting. Troubleshoot problems, change lamps, neon, LED lighting, ballasts, sockets and wiring in a wide range of illuminated signage. Set up software and communication for LED displays.


Valid Driver's License - Class B CDL
Valid WA State Electrician’s License
First-Aid Certification.


Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance

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