2018 Employee Appreciation Lunch

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Spring in Seattle brings sunshine and renewed energy in the Pacific Northwest. Here at National Sign Corporation, we are taking FULL advantage of this beautiful Spring weather to celebrate our employees! We were thrilled to hold a special lunch on April 18th to celebrate our wonderful employees and help shake off some of the clouds and rain from this long winter season!

Even in a small company of only 35 employees, it can be a challenge to maintain a sense of teamwork and closeness, with all employees doing such different tasks! From those who keep the office operating smoothly, to our account managers constantly out in the field meeting with clients, to the design team busily creating concepts to inspire iconic pieces, to our fabrication team working hard to craft our masterpieces, to our installation team out bringing our vision to the city…we must take time to stop and appreciate the wealth of talent and inspiration that resides within our South Lake Union walls!

One such source of inspiration comes from the fourteen employees that we honored with anniversary awards. It was a sobering moment for all our staff to hear that almost HALF of our small office had spent more than 5 years with National Sign (with two employees over the 40-year mark!). We are deeply thankful for our amazing team and blessed that so many talented individuals have dedicated their careers to NSC and to the enhancement of the Seattle area through signage.

 Here is the list of employees that we celebrated:

40 years: Ken Krumpos, Juan Torres

30 years: Tim Zamberlin

25 years: John (JP) Prizmich, Steve Zamberlin

20 years: Clay Griffin

15 years: Brad McKay

10 years: Takako Zamberlin, Hollis Broderick

5 years: Tom Hubbard, Colt Burns, Carmelo Vazquez, Tomas Nicasio, Matt Devera

We want to thank ALL of our amazing employees for their commitment to National Sign. We would not be able to boast our 105 years in business without every one of them!