Learn From Other's Mistake When Buying a Sign

By Tim Zamberlin, President – National Sign Corporation

1. Buying based on price

Purchasing a business sign based on your budget is not the same as purchasing it on-the-cheap. No hand-holding here. Beware of discount materials, limited experience, and do-it-yourself design. Most of the time you don’t save money – it costs money. At best, you’ll set yourself up for short-term gain followed by disappointment. A great sign doesn’t cost a business money, it makes money. It’s the most effective way to promote your business.

2. A sign nobody can read

The saying goes – too clever by half. Edgy font, weird layout, and crazy creative won’t help you get customers through the door. Leave the design to experts. Just remember, you have the final say.

3. Installed in the wrong location

Let’s face it, business owners are responsible for putting together less than a handful of signs in a lifetime. Experience pays off in the challenge of locating your sign. You must keep a multitude of considerations in focus: Traffic fluctuations, sunlight patterns, angle, and height. Don’t guess at it. Let professionals who place thousands of signs give you a hand.

4. It’s too small

It may look good three feet away, but when it’s installed...Oops. Small signs are a big mistake. Again, practical knowledge pays off.

5. Unreadable at night

If your sign is invisible when the sun goes down, you’ve lost 50% of available eyeballs. Take advantage of electric lighting opportunities. Choose from LED’s, fluorescent, incandescent lights, or make a statement with neon. Nighttime illumination makes your brand and marketing efforts sing. They remember you best at night.

6. Too much copy on the sign

You can’t be everything to everyone. Make it straight up, readable, and clean. Limit the text or suffer. You have about 2 1/2 seconds to make an impression on those driving by. Leave the laundry list at the laundry.

7. Due diligence: Did you forget the permits?

Signing leases that say, “small signs only,” “red signs only,” “one sign,” or “no sign” is not going to help you or your business. Don’t give up your rights. When you are associated with a full-service sign company that employs permit specialists, they can be invaluable. Shrewd businesses will not even certify a lease until their business sign is approved. Make no mistake, permits are tough. Some cities even require street-use permits just so a company can step foot on your property and install your sign. A full-service sign company will provide insight and open doors on the way to acquiring your sticker. Dealing with municipalities and paperwork is not for the faint hearted or inexperienced.

Hope you see a pattern here. There is so much to consider when purchasing a business sign. Let the professionals at National Sign Corporation give you a hand.